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Little rhyming poems that are delectable, and a few side dishes.



You can either choose
to be reborn
or the rube of the ruse
of Satan’s scorn!

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I cut and pasted this from an FB site I started years back, before I got off FB.

Quatrains (4-line verse poetry)
March 7, 2013 ·
We have to realize the second temptation
is to lasso God’s word to our will,
which is Satan’s specialty, how he sullies creation–
how he’s kept his hand in the till.

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One of the reasons we ended up here
is because we actually envied “the need”
of the animals, despite that they lived in fear–
we still coveted their flesh and “the deed.”

It wasn’t enough that God created us!
To make beings “of our own”
was the enticement–the lie–that baited us
to eat, lest we end up “alone.”

And still we think it’s humans we make
that honor God, like He’d need us,
but coming to hell was our first big mistake
then demand that God ACTUALLY heed us!!

But God is a God of mercy and love
so He hears and sent who volunteered:
His son who capitulated even God’s Love
to save us, though evil then cheered.

Yes, he came though we’re all the worst sinners,
though we’re fodder for fires to come—
immersed in the thinking that “humans are winners,”
we’re all of us dead…. not just some!!

A baby is kind of like leftovers, saved
in a dough-like substance: we decided to “mate”–
immortality of our making we craved
so we court and we strut, we get online and date.

But truly, do you think God needs vessels as such
to raise spirits from hell (He says No! Thank you much!)
but He can raise us from stones, John once said,
to those who, in the law, were still spiritually dead.

No baby we’ve birthed from the dirt can obey
God’s laws, and the history of the Jews to this day
proves that much. Only Jesus fulfilled every dot
of the law, making captive to God every thought–

Only by receiving Christ’s Spirit inside
will God’s laws be here written, on our hearts, and our pride
will be overcome, humility taking its place:
IT IS through Jesus risen that we’re blessed with grace!

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With what did Cain have to dispense?
What voice would he now have to hear?
Satan’s, not the Loving Father, whose voice
would have forgiven if that had been Cain’s choice.

But that privilege is given to those who long
for justice, even if it means their own “demise.”
And the few, not many, will leave the throng
to put their “flesh” where the smoke might rise.

So many of us agree with “just whatever”:
our freedom to speak is “permission to spew,”
not caring if in doing so, we sever
the privilege of hearing God’s Heavenly view.

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When we’re persecuted from all sides
then we begin to understand
what Jesus felt, and whomever abides
in this will be given the Promised Land.
But those who flee to comfort’s arms
to gather to them what soon will burn
will eventually know that Satan’s charms
are only that–and so will yearn
for peace that only comes from where
we were before we fell to hell
lingering on the thought that “God’s unfair”–
the lie we heard then agreed to tell.
God, let scales fall from eyes so blind
which haven’t connected how You’re so kind–
but may they learn, and by their choice,
we’re blessed to even hear Your Voice!!!

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All the seminary-attending “on the earth”
won’t make you a born-again priest in Christ.
If you do not surrender and experience re-birth,
you believe not that grace has sufficed.

If you’re prone to naming off all the years
you’ve studied, the books you have read, and the lectures
which made you a bicycle that cannot change gears:
you will scorn prophets’ words as “conjectures.”

Jesus had not one year at a college,
not one year under the wing of a rabbi and yet
he had God’s Spirit filling him with authoritative knowledge
which he shared with all people he met.

And he only seemingly turned his back
on those, who by blood and birth, were not Jews
to see if they recognized the “source of attack”
and, in light of that, sought the “good news.”

Like Rahab, like Tamar, like Ruth, we came all
through the veil to be wedded to soul:
to find shelter, with God, from the temporary squall
on the waters of life, our one goal.

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We have the rest of our existence
and eternity to settle in with
all folks who were pulled over hell’s fence,
so let us go out, risk the death of
our flesh, it’s a myth. Love
is now on our hearts, in our breath.
To be disciples who make disciples
is the calling we’re called toward,
not hiding behind each other in fear.
It’s dogma and in-fighting that is hell’s re-igniting–
when falling forward, if we trust, He will steer.

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When they are saying
the obsequies
over you, will they be praying
or will they seize
that time alotted for a speech?
And in that speech, then betraying
that you did just as you please,
“freedom” staying
by sin what Christ only frees?
To what will your life then witness:
“organic food” or “great fitness?”
Will your body decaying
then tell the truth?
Because what’s left IS a litmus
to oxygen knife’s now filleting
each tissue down to the
absence of youth.

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“WHY DO YOU PERSECUTE ME?” (POEM written after reading Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee)

God will make us all alone
before we die–
no wife, no husband there to phone
but, alas, we’ll try.

Death’s pall shall fall upon our faces
before we know it,
and if we’ve ever praised His graces,
it’s then, He’ll show it.

All idols will crash down to the earth
before our vision–
if scales block that, we’ve no rebirth:
the wrong decision.

Let it be asked, “Why do you persecute
me?” Hear
his question, which you can’t refute
Is hanging dear.

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Law brings out the worst in us
and Love brings out the best–
Love is what was first in us
but law shows us what needs confessed.

It is only by God’s gift of grace that we
can come close to hearing and obeying,
and by that grace, of sin’s chains, be free.
In freedom, by Christ, are we staying!

We sought to know evil–we ate of the “fruit”
and that’s why we’re even here:
our subconscious buried, we cannot refute
that most of us live in fear.

But perfect Love knows not fear except
of the only One who can blot us out—
approach Him with daring! For us he has wept.
Ask Him to make you devout!!

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