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What Will You Do With Your Free Will? (Verse and Poem)

“Remember your Creator before the silver cord is loosed–” Ecclesiastes 12:6

As rubes we ALL fell for “magic”
and suffered for that choice,
and then our fate was tragic
but some of us* remembered the Voice
and called out for His grace
and mercy known as the silver cord
which pulled us from that place
to earth: free will, that gift, restored!
We all can choose, with gratitude,
to honor Him who saved us
or we can choose to again exclude
Who never has enslaved us.

* all humans remembered God’s mercy enough to get here to the Valley of Decision–our second chance at free will.

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The loose ends of her conversation
could not (I warned) be tied back
to God, though I tried, and my frustration
in me cried, and mourned her lack.

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John 3:5 and a poem

JOHN 3:5
(Jesus answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.)

The fact of my subconscious tells me this:
I’ve already been to hell
and screamed in agony over what I would miss
from this fact: of my own choice, I fell.

But God heard my cries, lifted me up to earth:
to a chance, once more, to be free,
and baptism of water–the womb at my birth–
broke over an infantile me.

Still over the course of my life I regressed
and chose evil until I remembered
how once I was perfectly loved and was blessed:
a memory I let be dismembered.

From the depths of depression, self-hatred induced,
I cried out once more, for True Love
and He heard me, and chains all around me were loosed:
I’m free now and born from above!

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A website for any of you to tell your story of being born again!

I have started a website as instructed by God to collect “born-again” stories. There exist many websites for this already, but He specifically told me what to name this website and to make sure it wasn’t a place of pushing religion on folks but a place of promoting the personal connection He so wants with all of us. Jesus made it very clear to an already religious man (Nicodemus) that we all must be born of the Holy Spirit to return to our Heavenly merciful, gracious, loving Father in Paradise.

I long to hear your wondrous stories! Please share yours!

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The Angel of the LORD is what God promised them:
to lead them through the desert, to the land of Shechem
where Jacob once camped and the brothers once schemed
to take down idolators–their justice it seemed.

But they also threw Joseph down into a pit
then sold him to slave-traders, envy their spit
and the consequence was Joseph to become elevated
but consequences later showed punishment fated.

From dire circumstances is where God comes to rescue:
when we realize without Him, we’re slaves and can’t make do.
When we cry out with all of our flesh, hearts and mind
to the God who would send His own Son–us to find.

You see, God of His Perfection, can’t directly touch sins:
His Spirit in another is how saving begins!
And this Spirit was in Elijah, and in Moses, and in Christ–
more strongly in the last one who was then sacrificed!

So stop arguing over those tedious points
that have no bearing on Truth–they just wrack on one’s joints
and act as red flags: Satan loves to wave them
because if we keep looking, we cannot go out: save them!

When God’s Spirit is in us: we have authority to heal,
authority to say, what in the moment, is zeal!
We have authority to show only God cleanses sin
through the Spirit He sent us–but only He knows just when

Christ will come for us in our own tomb: raise us to
the same Heavenly state–resurrected. It’s true!
Why argue over whether he is God, or he’s not.
Just believe he’s the ferryman–Abel’s first loving thought.

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Poem written after reading exhausting reviews of controversial books on Amazon


The arguments on either side are slippery and vague:
the past is a coat and their motives the peg,
because faith isn’t something you can handle like soil:
it’s the wind Jesus spoke of–to catch it is toil.

And that’s the curse that we’re under: to dig and to dig–
to chase after Truth, to indulge in intrigue–
we’re all under that curse until God’s Spirit comes in
and roots out all the bullshit while cleaning out sin.

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In Eden, the accuser made up a problem
that wasn’t really there–
in reaction, offered “empathy” to them
who forgot Truth comes of prayer.
And for all of us that’s how goes these days
when we want the pity instead
of giving thankfulness and praise
for the fact that, inside, we’ve been fed.
Beware of him who states to you:
“your problem” could be solved
if you would just eat this “fact” or do
this “thing” to be evolved.
In that moment, we’ve rejected
Who would never reject our souls,
and we trade our inheritance for lies projected
as lentil soup in bowls.
The way of peace is to want God’s face:
to remember Who held us dear–
and the soul Christ saved, the offered grace–
true Love that hasn’t fear.

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7 Reasons Modern Christian Debates Are Worthless

Ink Pastries:

(I wrote this under this amazing post I found today on WP)
Words that humbled me today when reading the Bible: “BUT Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19 Too often when God reveals something unusual to me, I use it to lord myself over “the Pharisees” whom I think are hugging man-made theology and creeds (“lukewarms” I call them as if I’m better). I realize more and more that the ability to preach the good news (God loves His children and wants them ALL to be found, not lost) while keeping these revelations inside and pondering them like Mary might just be the most humble and God-praising thing I can do!

Originally posted on Chronicles of a kid next door:

7 Reasons Modern Debates Are WorthlessSaint Peter and Saint Paul mg 0036″ by José de Ribera – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

As the string of brown mountains slowly engulfed the Middle Eastern sun, silence permeated the synagogue like a haunted mansion. Men and women of all ages sat quietly eyes fixed to the podium were an old man clad in brown dress and a very long beard white with age. Hand shaking mildly and a staff on the other hand, the old man cleared his throat to draw attention. As if on cue, all the people bowed their heads and fixated their eyes on him, once again.

We all know, Paul, was sent by the Lord to the Gentiles. The motion for this debate is should Gentiles be circumcised?”

In Acts 15, after Barnabas and Paul ministered around Asia the good news of Christ Jesus, there arose…

View original 761 more words

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I am not an “only” son of God–
but, of God’s Spirit, I am begotten!
I was raised from beneath the sod
when I called out! May His mercy not be forgotten!

Born in sin, but by His blood covered,
my transgressions are paid for, not “some,”
so nothing need afflict me: the cure’s been discovered
in Jesus, who, for me, has come!

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There are many paths to the gate
but only one gate to enter–
give o’er a heart filled with guilt and hate:
sin is an endless bleak winter.
Seek and ask that the truth then be given,
read daily of the Holy Word.
False thoughts, by Him, will be driven
from you when His Presence, to all, is preferred.
Then the gate to the Garden is yours:
in your hand, given by one who rose,
who breached the womb–Heaven’s doors
will open. He chose you and now, Him, you chose!

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