Ink Pastries

Little rhyming poems that are delectable, and a few side dishes.

Prickly Parenting

The Daddy Blitz

As a parent, do you ever feel prickly?

Merriam-Webster defines “prickly” as “covered with prickles.”

Two prickly creatures that come to mind are the puffer fish . . .

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Worship Flags and Infinity Scarfs

Repentance is the key to unlock the chains of sin.

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What To Do When You Are Rebuked

I could tell that my step-grandmother didn’t really want to have this discussion with me, she was frustrated and their were tears brimming her eyes, but that didn’t stop her-we… Read More

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#LeadMeByOBA. The story behind the Song!

  One songwriter said,”Music can change the world because it can change people” What a profound message that is, indeed music changes people and if people change because of what th…

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Interesting blog

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Devotional – Day 56

Wow, well said. Have to share it!

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Loneliness Struggles: 4 Ways To Help You Get Out of The Funk

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Loneliness, A Beatable Enemy

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The next form of sharing what God is doing in my life!


This is the new form God has guided me to put forth. He called it into being through me. I know people sometimes get uptight about interpreting Bible sentences “out of context,” but if you really read the Bible, you KNOW that sometimes a sentence will just touch you, and deeply. That is what this is about, and I don’t blog everyday, for this reason: God told me the Holy Spirit is telling me how to serve, not me telling the Holy Spirit how to serve. This kind of “rote” behavior is why a minister delivers a rousing sermon one week, and he makes your blood boil with his bullshit the next.

Making God jump through a hoop we’ve made for Him is making Him a circus animal. So if I skip blogging one day or another, it is not because I don’t read the Bible everyday. It is because sometimes silence is the only response to a Majestic God!

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Time to die to myself again

Dear Followers, I feel God is compelling me to “die to myself” in a way that may end up as me erasing this blog. Whether I blog again is up to God, and how that will look, I do not know. I thank you for reading what I’ve written so far, whether you deemed it to be in the wrong or right Spirit. My hope for all of us, and the subject of my prayers, is that we experience a closer walk with God until the day He calls us Home. I have also enjoyed reading your blogs and seeing your photos and artwork. Thanks for letting me see the fruit of your God-given talents and skills.

May God’s light shine upon you all, Sheri



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